Leo Stok –

"Dear Samira, it was a great trip with you as our guide to inform us about life and history of Iran. I have loved a lot the trip through Iran and have learned a lot from you."

Nynke Spoor –

"I don't know what I will write because you are a great girl. Thanks for the wonderful journey throughout Iran. I will always remember you, your beautiful smile and lovely eyes. Good luck and hopefully we meet again in the future."

Iris Depasse –

"I'm very grateful to have met you during this journey in Iran. So valuable that you could give us the insides of Iran. And you make a good atmosphere with your good sense or humor and your great laughs."

Miep Kuijper –

"You are shy, modest and very sweet. You did a great job with our group, so you can be proud of yourself. My heart becomes warm of you because you are a fine person. Be strong and I wish that you have many groups for the future. Good luck and love, Miep!"

Mimi Hedel –

"I am very glad I have met you, I am very glad you were my tour guide, you did it all very well. Greetings Mimi."

Jacqueline Dessing – 

"Lieve Samira, I was very content with you as our tour guide. You were very good and from the first moment you were amazing. Hope to see you again in the future, love Jacqueline."

Marianne Been –

Dear Samira, I will remember Iran as the land of the woman with a very warm smile on their faces. But your smile was the warmest I ever saw. I love you and I wish you a prosperous future.

Denise Vrij –

"Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in beautiful Iran. You were always very patience, sweet and the best tour guide ever. Love you and wish you all the best in the future!"

Sermin –

"This was one of the happiest days of my life. Without knowing you, I spend a very lovely day with you in Teheran. When I come back to Iran, I will always call you for another tour."

Nelleke van Winkelhoff –

"Dear Samira, thanks for the great present, together with Theo, you've gave me by showing your beautiful country. Me and a lot of other people are happy you were our guide. Your knowledge is unlimited also your kindness. Thanks for the hospitality and delicious dinner made by your mother and sister."

Miep –

"Samira knows a lot and she speaks very good English, better than i do. ☺️ She is kind and she helps you where she can. When you travel with her then your trip will be fantastic."

Jacqueline Dessing –

"The trip with Samira in Iran was a very nice one. She knows a lot of the story of Iran en she is very nice person. A better guide is not possible !!!!"
Annemiek en Geertjan – 

"We had a extraordinary time traveling through Iran with Samira. People we met were open, friendly and sincerely concerned about our well-being as a guest of their homeland. This wasn’t different in any of the locations we have visit (Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Teheran, Masouleh or Ramsar). Thanks for your guiding, we couldn’t have it better."

Jan en Andrea –

"First I have to say thank you very much for taking care when I was ill ! You are a good nurse too. We have had a great time in Iran. It was an very special journey for us.
Special the people they are very friendly and nice. The culture and your guiding was great.
The meal at your house was delicious thanks to your mother! We keep it al in our mind an never forget this trip. We wish you all the best wishes also for your family.
Samira you are a great lovely guide!"

Rob and Gerda Heil –

"Samira is simply the best guide a traveler could wish for. Her knowledge and pleasant character made our trip to Iran an unforgettable one."

Denise Vrij –

"Thank you for showing me the best of Iran, Samira was the most inspirational guide ever!
Thank you love!"

Aad Verbij –

"We made a trip of 15 days in Iran. Samira showed us the beautiful landscapes, mosques and traditions. she is solution oriented with a broad knowledge. her dedication to her customers is good, with highlight the meal at her house. thanks for your company."

Linda van Houten –

"Samira is a lovely, radiant, warm and intelligent lady and fantastic tour guide. She is very devoted and she will show you authentic Iran with huge enthusiasm and humor!"

Nienke Talsma –

"Iran was voor mij een ongelofelijke ontdekking en bijzondere reis: het mooie gevarieerde landschap, de mooie gebouwen, de rijstijl in de steden, maar ook vooral de Iraniërs zelf. Wat zijn dat lieve hartelijke mensen! Ook mijn dank aan Samira: zij loosde ons op haar joviale manier door dit land, zij wilde ons zoveel mogelijk laten zien: soms was het bijna te veel. Wat ook zo fanatisch was, waren de spontane dingen die we onderweg deden en ook vooral meemaakten. Samira was simpelweg top, ze was de gehele reis onze aardige (lieve) Iranese reisleidster: we waren haar eerste groep, maar ze is zo gegroeid tijdens deze prachtige reis. Zij ritselde en regelde zo veel voor ons, dat deze reis nog lang in mijn gedachte zal blijven. Ooit hoop ik dat dit prachtige land de vrijheid krijgt die wij zo gewoon in het Westen vinden."

Marjanne Been –

"Iran in al zijn facetten, dat is wat Samira mij heeft laten proeven. Wat een land, met een tastbare geschiedenis al van uit een zeer ver verleden. Ook heb je mij op de juiste wijze, door de strikte regels van het land heen geloodst, zoals een goed en ervaren reisleider betaamt. Dank voor al je goede zorgen. Ik heb weer een schat aan ervaringen opgedaan, die ik in mijn werk zeer goed kan gebruiken."

Theo Leerintveld –

"I had the pleasure to do a two week tour with this lovely guide in Iran. Our tour took us across the whole of Iran, starting off in Teheran. After visiting the most scenic places in the capital, we took a very comfortable train to the amazing desert city of Yazd. A few days later we travelled by bus to Shiraz, Persepolis, Esfehan, and Kashan. I know that this is the itinerary that most groups are following, but i still can recommend it to all people who are visiting Iran for the first time. As the icing of the cake Samira suggested we should visit some 'unknown places', and i'm so happy we did. Another few busses took us to Masuleh and Ramsar in the northwest of the country, and i'm so happy i visited these places too! This is a totally different Iran, with mountains and green valleys. Your knowledge of your beautiful country is amazing, just incredible. A And you have the most adoring smile ever! Also you were never sick of our questions and always you were there for us to give us the ultimate Iranian experience. Thanks for everything Samira, you are the best tour guide i ever had in Iran in May 2019:)"